Hisense TV Red Light Blinks 4 Times [Easy To Fix, Proven]

As a proud owner of one such television set, it pained me to see it not working properly. 

I recall turning on my TV one day just to be faced with a red blinking light that blinked four times, leaving me clueless about what was happening. 

It felt like everything had fallen apart for me then, but I did not want to give up on my beloved television so easily! Instead, I decided to take matters into my own hands and do some research work myself. 

It was a journey ahead of me, but in the end, I successfully fixed my Hisense TV all by myself. And now, I am sharing my experience with you in this article, where I will share how exactly I went about diagnosing the problem and finding its solution. 

I will also talk about why your Hisense TV may blink red light four times and the steps you can take if you run into such issues while attempting any self-diagnosis or repair job. 

Whether you consider yourself an expert techie or are new when it comes to dealing with your first-ever television set at home

By the end of this article, you’ll have a much better understanding of why your Hisense TV is blinking red light four times and what you can do to address the issue. 

Though not uncommon, an issue with your Hisense TV where you see it flashing a red light four times indicates an operating problem. 

For instance, the malfunctioning power supply and issues with HDMI ports or the main board may cause it.

Hisense TV Red Light Blinks 4 Times [Easy To Fix, Proven]

Step By Step Process To Fix This Problem:

1- Power Cycle Your Hisense TV

2- Tighten Loose Connections

3- Use Different HDMI Cable

4- Use Different Power Cable

5- Update Your TV’s Firmware

6- Change HDMI Port

7- Disable HDR Setting

8- Bad Power Supply or Capacitors 

9- How to Contact Hisense for Warranty Claims

How To Fix Hisense TV Red Light Blinks 4 Times 

1- Power Cycle Your Hisense TV

If you are facing an issue with your Hisense TV showing red light blinking four times, it is most likely due to the excessive use of your television. 

This problem can be triggered by using your TV for long periods or intensively, which may lead to overheating or power surges. 

When this occurs, the TV will go off to prevent further damage, and the red light will blink four times, indicating a specific issue. 

This fault can easily be fixed by performing a simple power cycle on your Hisense TV.

 Performing a power cycle is like resetting your computer – you simply need to turn it off and unplug it from the electrical outlet for a few minutes before plugging it back in again and powering it on. 

If, after doing so if the red light blinking issues persist, then visit our service centre for more help!

This process is useful for resetting the TV’s internal components and may often help fix issues caused by overheating or a power surge. 

However, it is important not to overlook that performing a power cycle might effectively address your trouble but isn’t intended as a permanent fix. 

You could need to contact a technician if you continue to have problems with the red light blinking four times since this could be a sign of severe damage, such as malfunctioning power supplies or damaged internal components.

2- Tighten Loose Connections

Hisense TVs are known for their durability and reliability. 

However, many Hisense TV owners have faced a common issue of the red light on the TV blinking four times to indicate trouble with loose connections. 

This can be frustrating if you have big plans for watching a movie or playing a game on TV and it doesn’t work because of problems with loose connections. 

However, the good news is that this issue is typically caused by faulty or loose connections and is relatively simple to fix by simply tightening them back into place.

 When your Hisense TV starts to blink red lights four times consecutively, it signals that connection issues are present in your device. 

These issues may be with the HDMI cable, power cable, or wall outlet adapter. 

In some cases where these solutions do not work, there could be an issue with the actual television instead of just the cables connecting it to other devices such as gaming consoles or Blu-ray players, etcetera. 

To rectify the problem, first, figure out which wires need fixing before reconnecting them back into place correctly without causing further damage to all parts involved.’

Before anything else, you must check the HDMI cable attached to your TV and the cable box or streaming device. 

Ensure the connection is secure by plugging it into both devices without any additional wiggling. If there is a loose connection, tighten it further by inserting the cable more firmly into its port.

 If you notice that the HDMI cord has become damaged, get a new one immediately. 

Next, check the power cord which connects your TV to a wall outlet carefully and ensure that it’s connected properly to both devices before using them again after a thunderstorm or other interruptions in service. 

You may also need to tighten any loose connections if they are present using gentle pressure on the cord until it snaps into place correctly in its electrical port on either device. 

Replacement will be necessary if you observe extensive damage, such as fraying at exposed wire ends or burns in areas around uncovered copper wires.

Lastly, make sure that all related power cords, including those connecting your television directly to wall outlets via surge protectors and extension cords, are working properly before attempting to resume the normal operation of your equipment after storms and other service disruptions have caused temporary outages.

3- Use Different HDMI Cable

A Hisense TV showing a red blinking light four times could be due to an issue with the HDMI cable. 

This typically occurs if the HDMI cable has become damaged, is faulty, or is simply old and no longer in date. 

When this happens, the TV will shut down to prevent further damage, and the red light will blink four times, indicating an issue. 

Fortunately, it may often be resolved by simply changing the current HDMI cable for another. 

If you do not have another HDMI cable, try using whatever you can find, like an old Ethernet or USB wire. 

Alternatively, you may wish to buy a new one from any electronics store or online if possible.

It is vital to understand that while a different HDMI cable can be a promising solution, it typically is not a permanent fix. 

If you continue to experience the red light blinking issue 4 times, it might indicate more severe problems, such as a faulty power supply or malfunctioning internal components.

 In these cases, you may have to seek assistance from a specialist.

4- Use Different Power Cable

A red warning light blinking four times on your Hisense TV could mean a problem with the power cable. Many factors may cause this issue, such as damage, spark, or ageing. 

The power cable may experience issues and stop working if it has been damaged or exposed to sparks. Also, an old power cable can malfunction the TV by not turning it on. 

Fortunately, you can solve this problem by replacing the faulty cable with a new one or a high-quality replacement cord for your Hisense TV. 

Using a new and top-quality power chord, you can restore optimal performance to your Hisense TV and enjoy hours of entertainment uninterruptedly!

We have put together a step-by-step guide to help you replace your TV’s existing power cable with a new one:

  1.  Step 1: Unplug the old power cord from the wall socket beside your TV. 
  2. Step 2: Purchase and install a new high-quality replacement cord compatible with your device. 
  3. Step 3: Plug in the new cord and connect it to the outlet on your television set. Step 4: Press the unit’s power button or remote control key as needed. 

If you replace or use a different power cord for your Hisense TV, you will be able to resolve the issue of the red light blinking four times and still enjoy optimal performance. 

A new power cable will ensure a stable power supply and help prevent performance problems.

5- Update Your TV’s Firmware

Did you know that the Hisense TV Red Light Blinking 4 Times issue will likely occur because of a firmware problem? 

The firmware is the software program running on your TV and managing its basic functions. 

When this software has a flaw, it can cause the television to shut down and blink red four times, pointing towards an error. 

However, there’s great news – many cases like this can be fixed by simply updating your TV’s firmware! 

This process requires you to download the new firmware from hisense.com, install it on your device, and then connect it to the internet to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

It is also important to ensure your device has enough power before starting the update process.

Here are a few steps to update your TV’s firmware: 

  1. Visit the Hisense website and search for firmware updates for your specific TV model. 
  2. Download the latest firmware update to a USB drive and insert it into your TV to start the update process. 
  3. Wait for the update to finish, and restart your TV when prompted.

Upgrading your TV’s firmware can take several minutes, but it should return to normal once the process is complete. 

About any other technical issues involving Hisense TVs blinking red light four times, you may wish to contact Hisense customer support for more help.

6- Change HDMI Port

If your Hisense TV shows a red light blinks four times, it’s usually a sign of an issue with the HDMI port. 

The HDMI port is essential for delivering high-definition video and audio signals to the TV from external devices, such as Blu-ray players, game consoles, or streaming devices. 

However, the HDMI ports can get damaged over time due to sparks and wear and tear, or they simply age. 

A faulty HDMI port may cause issues like reduced video quality, no audio output or frequent connectivity disruptions when it disconnects and reconnects frequently. 

So before trying to fix any problem you encounter on your Hisense TV set, if there is one, turn off the power immediately, then check if all other accessories are unplugged while performing repairs using only tools that came with the warranty cover. Always keep safety first!

If the HDMI port has been physically damaged, you may see obvious signs of damage, such as bent or broken pins. 

In such a case, you would have to replace the HDMI port or even the entire TV, depending on the damage’s severity. 

However, if your HDMI connection is not visibly damaged but you are still experiencing problems with it, there are several steps that you can take to troubleshoot the issue.

 One effective solution is to use a different HDMI port on your Hisense TV. 

Most modern televisions have multiple HDMI ports, and swapping one for another often solves these types of issues. 

Before switching over to a different HDMI port, make sure that all devices connected to it are unplugged and that your TV is turned off. 

Once everything is ready, connect your device back to an operationalHDMI port and power it and your television back on.

7- Disable HDR Setting

If you see four red blinks on your Hisense TV, there’s an issue with the HDR (High Dynamic Range) setting. 

The technology enhances the picture quality of your TV by providing a wider range of colours, brightness, and contrast, but when something goes wrong, this can cause an error to appear on-screen. 

You must first disable the HDR function on your Hisense TV to correct this problem.

You should disable the HDR setting to resolve the red light blinking four times issue and get your TV back to normal operation. 

However, if the problem persists and your TV shows signs of a more significant malfunction, you must contact Hisense customer support for professional repair services. 

“It is essential to remember that HDR is a critical feature that can greatly improve how you watch your television,” stated Hisense. 

“Therefore, disabling it should only be done temporarily while trying to fix the red light blinking four times issue.”

8- Bad Power Supply or Capacitors 

A problem with capacitors or the power supply of your Hisense TV could be indicated when its red light blinks four times. 

This can prevent you from enjoying your television, but do not worry; there is a simple solution. 

You will fix this issue by checking and replacing any bad capacitors or power supplies. The first step to fixing the problem is to determine whether the capacitors or the power supply is causing trouble. 

You may have to dismantle the TV and visually inspect its components to do so. 

Look for any damaged or swollen parts, as they are often signs of an issue; if you find any such parts, you will have to replace them with new ones. 

If you are unsure about your ability to disassemble and repair the television on your own, it is best to consult a professional

Keeping this in mind is especially important if you are not familiar with electronics and the inner workings of a TV. 

A professional will be able to quickly identify and fix the problem, ensuring that your television is up and running as soon as possible. 

When replacing the power supply or capacitors, make sure to use high-quality components designed specifically for your TV. 

Using parts that do not work well may cause more problems and damage the device. Once you have replaced the faulty part(s), try powering your TV to see if the red light blinking four times has stopped. 

If there are no issues when you turn it on, you successfully fix it! However, if issues remain after trying these troubleshooting steps, please seek additional assistance from a professional instead.

9- How to Contact Hisense for Warranty Claims

An issue where your Hisense TV shows a red light blinking four times can be a highly frustrating experience. 

The reason behind this problem could be because of any software malfunction or because of an improper power supply. 

If your television is under warranty, you should contact customer support or the company directly to get your TV replaced or fixed by them. 

They will take care of everything for you, from diagnosing the problem to repairing it, so you can get back to watching all your favourite TV programmes and movies in no time.

 However, if your television is not under warranty, you may need to seek help from an experienced technician. 

An experienced technician can diagnose the problem and offer practical solutions that will help resolve it for good.

It’s very important to find the help of a technician with experience with Hisense TVs since they will be better able to diagnose and repair your TV. 

You can ask around at local repair shops or search online for experienced professionals who can assist you with any issues that you are having with your Hisense TV that is blinking red four times continuously. 

When contacting a technician, you provide as much information about your TV as possible and detailed information regarding the issue, such as the symptoms or steps taken so far to resolve the problem. 

The more details you offer, the better equipped he/she will be to fix it and give answers.


Whether it is a simple power cycle or a more significant issue with the power supply or capacitors, there are several different approaches that you can take to fix the problem. 

By disabling the HDR setting, using a new HDMI cable, updating your TV’s firmware, changing the HDMI port, tightening any loose connections, or checking the power supply or capacitors, you should be able to return your TV to normal operation. 

Suppose this does not work for you, and you continue experiencing issues with your television set. In that case, contacting Hisense customer support for additional assistance and guidance, including warranty claims, is best. 

When attempting to repair your TV without proper knowledge or tools, it can result in further damage and safety hazards, so it is important that before attempting any repairs on your professional, help from trained professionals is advised. 

Taking time to diagnose and fix problems with your Hisense TV will ensure that everything runs smoothly and optimally, providing an enjoyable viewing experience.

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